Mike Morrison
Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison is the director of communications for American Majority, a non-partisan training institute in Purcellville, Virginia. He is a graduate of Hillsdale College and an obsessive fan of Colorado baseball and football. Follow him on Twitter @MikeKMorrison.

‘Waiting For A Sign’ Tells Winning Stories From Baseball’s Hallowed Past

Memorabilia expert and baseball junkie Kevin Keating’s memoir is full of affecting stories about the sport’s legends that are sure to delight fans everywhere.

Are Liberals Suppressing Conservative Ideas By Gaming Twitter?

If Twitter is ranking accounts based on how many people block you and one large segment of Twitter is abusing the block feature, this could seriously decrease the reach of that group.

Democrats’ Sudden Concern For Gas Prices Is A Dodge To Hide Their Anti-Wallet Policies

Either high gas prices are necessary to slow climate change or high energy prices hurt poor families the most and depress our economy. Pick one.

No, Remington Is Not Filing For Bankruptcy Because Of The Gun Control Push

Remington’s decline has been long and obvious to anyone paying attention to their falling standards in quality control and gross corporate mismanagement.

If You Want Gun Control, Stop Calling The NRA A ‘Terrorist Organization’

If gun control advocates ever want gun owners to come to the table, they need to stop mindless name-calling or risk further dividing the country and neutering their cause.

No, Fantasy Football Does Not Ruin Football. It Makes It Better

Let’s set the record straight: fantasy football is an excellent game, makes you a better fan of football, and is something anyone can enjoy.