Michael Ginsberg
Michael Ginsberg

Michael is an attorney in Washington DC for a defense contractor. He is a 2002 graduate of Harvard Law School, and spent a decade in private practice before moving to the government in 2014. He specializes in export controls, economic sanctions (including the Iran sanctions), government contracts, and intellectual property.

Will The U.S. Heed The Lessons Of The 1930s Or Repeat Their Mistakes?

Today’s Western retrenchment is as provocative as it was in the 1930s. The U.S. is signaling its retreat and China will gladly fill the vacuum.

Virginia PTA Tries To Disband Fairfax Chapter Because Its Leaders Oppose Critical Race Theory

Far-left Democrats’ response to parents’ legitimate concerns has been to ignore them high-handedly and advise parents that beatings will continue until morale improves.

In 2021 Races, Virginia Republicans Should Highlight Democrats’ Anti-Asian Discrimination

Democrats want to deny deserving Asian-American students admission into elite schools to satisfy their vision of social justice. Republicans running for office should hammer this home with voters.

Democrats Are Failing On Russia For The Same Reason They Failed On Kavanaugh

The similarities between the failed Democrat strategy against Kavanaugh and the way the Russia investigation is playing out are striking.

Why There’s A Good Case For Sanctioning Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyers

Did Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers deprive her of the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether to accept the committee’s offer to interview her in California?

The Left’s Contempt For The Law Is Destroying Public Trust

For too many Americans, the American legal system is no longer simply the arbiter of what the law means and how it applies to a given set of facts.

Trump Should Beware Of The Flynn Affair Becoming The Plame Game

The resignation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn bears more than a few disturbing similarities to a scandal that brought the Bush administration to its knees.

Getting Rid Of The Lawyers In His Cabinet May Be Trump’s Best Move Yet

Trump’s Cabinet is not trained in spin and convincing people of policies that don’t work. His nominees have real-world experience, and that’s what we need.

Americans Need Leaders Who Ignore Social Justice Tempests And Simply Govern

It is wearing to the average American to be treated to social justice soap operas and morality plays that have nothing to do with their daily lives.

Donald Trump Is Right About One Thing: Our Experts Know Nothing

Americans are governed by politicians who see fit to reimagine entire sectors of our economy and lives despite having little, if any, experience in these areas.

The Old Adage About Assumptions Applies To The Iran Deal, Too

Obama constructed the Iran Deal with a fundamental misunderstanding of Iranian politics. If his assumptions fail to manifest, the we’ll all be in serious trouble.

How The Iraq War Led To Obama’s Iran Deal

Overreacting to the War on Iraq pushed the Left to insist that diplomacy and multilateralism are absolute goods in and of themselves. That’s why President Obama thinks his Iran deal will work.