Max Morton

Max Morton is a retired USMC lieutenant colonel and former CIA paramilitary operations officer. He is a veteran of multiple armed conflicts, revolutions, and contingency operations.

America’s Failure In Afghanistan Is A Call To Ordinary Americans To Clean House

The whole-of-government approach to failure in a 20-year, $2 trillion fraud and money-laundering scheme has resulted in an epiphany for Americans: their country is ruled by crooks, liars, and thieves.

The Biden Administration’s Extremism Is Fuel For Domestic Unrest

Establishment gaslighting and threats from the Biden regime’s increasingly unhinged national security surrogates is itself becoming a radicalizing agent.

The FBI’s Whitmer Kidnapping Case Looks Like A Potemkin Terror Plot

With the help of snitches, the FBI rounded up some unemployed, homeless, mostly alone and angry loudmouths to build a fantasy football-style display of domestic terrorism fear-porn.

If COVID Was Man-Made In A U.S.-Funded Lab, What Are You Going To Do About It?

The question Americans should ask is not just what else may emerge from this cover-up, but what are we prepared to do about what we now know.