Matthew Cochran
Matthew Cochran

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America Won’t Trust Elections Until The Voter Fraud Is Investigated

If all the evidence of voter fraud is not investigated and properly accounted for, half of America will fervently believe that the election is a fraud no matter who ultimately wins.

How Strong Women Like Amy Coney Barrett Submit To Their Husbands With Joy

Leftists are attacking Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett for having a view of marriage entirely in keeping with a proper reading of scripture.

Why It’s A Good Thing To Be Disgusted By ‘Cuties’

Parents must help children understand what is and what is not disgusting and speak the truth. We owe it to the generations to come.

If You’re Complaining About How Little Housework Your Husband Does, You’re Doing Marriage Wrong

Working Mother published an article by Zawn Villines that alleges anything less than a perfect 50/50 split in household labor is domestic abuse.

Most People Are Called To Marriage; It’s Not Idolatrous To Act Accordingly

Marriage is the highest earthly calling for most people, so it is entirely appropriate for Christians to treat it as a normative aspiration—especially in a culture that so desperately attacks it.

We Need Christian Nationalism Because Religious Neutrality Has Failed

Our religious liberty never proceeded from attempts at religious neutrality. It came precisely from the privileged position that Christianity has historically held in America and in the West.

You’re Not Following The Golden Rule If You’re Not Having Children

If you’re an adult, you’ve already benefited from childbearing and parenting. It’s time for you to stop being so selfish and give back to the world.

Yes, Evangelical ‘Abstinence Culture’ Is A Bust, But The Answer Isn’t A Sexual Free-For-All

Purity culture purports to be about saving sex for marriage, but the whole point is to refrain from sex while delaying marriage, which makes abstinence highly unlikely.

When The Left Uses Civility As A Weapon, Drop It And Fight Back

When someone targets one of your people over something that turns out to be innocuous, it’s the accuser that needs to be disciplined.

How Schools Quietly Indoctrinate Your Kids On Abortion And Transgenderism

It’s not always in exactly what teachers and curricula say as much as how they say it and what they assume. And far too many parents aren’t paying attention.

If You Want Men In Your Church, Stop Treating Them With Contempt

It should be understandable that men avoid organizations that are obliviously contemptuous of males. This is a problem not just with American culture writ large, but also with American churches.

Why Christians Should Prepare To Defend Themselves From Mass Shooters In Church

Every Christian sitting in a pew on Sunday morning is also a father, son, neighbor, or citizen, and we all have the responsibilities and authorities that go with those vocations.

It’s Not Mentally Ill To Be a Gun-Owning Christian

Jimmy Kimmel’s beleaguered imagination apparently can’t reconcile legal gun ownership with Christianity, and Joy Behar thinks Christianity is mental illness.

If The Trump Tape Surprised You, You Fell For The Left’s Favorite Trick

It astounds me that so many conservatives who made peace with the idea of voting for Donald Trump are suddenly walking the other way over the his ‘Access Hollywood’ tape.

Stop Blaming Only Boys For ‘Pornland’

It’s heartbreaking that a 15-year-old girl has to perform unwanted sex acts because it’s the only way her boyfriend will even watch a movie with her. But why? Is the worst thing about it really that she’s not having enough fun?

Why People Don’t Trust Liberals To Regulate Guns

How can we trust people to regulate guns who don’t know anything about guns, think normal people deserve to be on enemies lists, and allow ideology to keep them from protecting Americans?

War Is Peace; Freedom Is Slavery; Men Are Women

If Americans, our organizations, and our local governments don’t have the freedom even to call a man a man, then we have no freedom at all.

How To Rebuild Conservatism After Trump

People who love freedom in its various forms still need to work together to fight for it in the political arena. So we should start considering ways a new coalition can avoid old mistakes.

Don’t Let Cultural Freeloaders Steal The Seeds Of Western Civilization

We must ensure that immigrants become what makes us the civilization they aspire to benefit from, rather than unwitting destroyers of its bounty.

Wheaton Is Right: The Christian And Muslim Gods Are Different

Wheaton College was entirely right to put a professor on administrative leave for claiming that Christians and Muslims worship the same god.