Matthew Brodsky
Matthew Brodsky
Matthew Brodsky

Matthew RJ Brodsky is a Senior Fellow at the Gold Institute for International Strategy. He can be followed on Twitter at @RJBrodsky.

Biden’s National Security Strategy Aims To Take The Leftist Culture War Global

America’s genuine adversaries will likely view the Biden administration’s national security ‘guidance’ with a mixture of relief, laughter, and incredulity.

Terror Plot Against Iranian Dissidents Foiled In Europe

The foiled terrorist plot takes place amidst a backdrop of growing discontent within Iran. For more than six months, Iranians have been protesting and in some cases, striking.

The UN Human Rights Council Is A Sham, And The United States Is Right To Leave It

Withdrawing from the council and defunding its activities makes the point that the United States will not be held hostage by the lowest common denominator at the United Nations.

Palestinians’ Refusal To Talk Peace Stems From Their Determination To Believe Myths

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is at its core a clash of unbridgeable historical narratives, not just a dispute over land, territory, and security.

It’s Time For A New Qatar Policy That Puts America’s Interests First

The stern response today is a consequence of Qatar not only breaking its 2013 commitments but of stepping well beyond them.

The Normal Person’s Guide To The Qatari Cold War

Not only does Qatar have dirty hands, they’re simultaneously sticking them in all regional pies. It was only a matter of time before their neighbors caught on.