Matthew Boomer
Matthew Boomer

Matt Boomer is a technology and business analytics consultant living in Dallas, Texas. He studied political science, history, and business economics at the University of Notre Dame.

How Michelle Obama’s Crusade To Rescue Schoolgirls From Boko Haram Ended In Their Further Exploitation

After all the awareness that was raised, and the money that was collected, the end result for these women of #Bringbackourgirls was continued harassment and exploitation.

Why Congress Deserves More Blame For The Border Mess Than Trump Does

At the root of the present border nightmare is the abandonment of responsibility for immigration policy by the legislative branch.

What Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement Can Teach Us About Bridging Deep Divides

Americans often mistakenly characterize the Troubles as a religious conflict, with groups such as the Irish Republican Army likened to al-Qaeda. This misconception evinces a profound ignorance that prevents us from learning its true lessons.

Trump’s Move On Tariffs Is Emblematic Of A Dangerous Tendency To Concentrate Power

Trump’s unilateral actions on steel and aluminum tariffs epitomize the dangers of the longstanding and, regrettably, bipartisan trend toward excessive concentration of power in the executive branch.

Notre Dame’s ‘Fighting Irish’ Moniker Isn’t Offensive, It’s An Honor

The meaning behind the adored moniker makes a quick mockery of calls for Notre Dame to replace it with something else.

Rwanda Is Making A Post-Genocide Comeback, But Speech Restrictions Increase Its Instability

Countries that experience trauma of this magnitude typically struggle to develop prosperous economies and stable politics. Rwanda is an exception, but not out of the woods yet.

Protesters Are All Wrong About Confederate Statues. They’re Not A Celebration, But A Warning

We can’t—and shouldn’t—wipe out the most sordid facets of our national past. They must serve as a haunting reminder of where we’ve been, and won’t return.

Venezuela’s Descent Into Chaos Buries The Left’s Hopes Of ‘Good Socialism’

Our glitterati’s favorite socialist paradise has, like so many similar experiments, become a murderous den of oppression and privation.

The Police Video Of Philando Castile’s Death Confirms He Didn’t Have To Die

Merely stating that one has a weapon in the absence of any real indicator of danger is not a crime in a country that guarantees its citizens the right to bear arms.