Megan G. Oprea
Megan G. Oprea
Megan G. Oprea

Megan G. Oprea is the managing editor of the Texas National Security Review and a contributor to The Federalist. You can follow her on Twitter.

How To Pass the Time During Coronavirus Lockdown? Try Some Good Old-Fashioned Nintendo

Now is the perfect time to rediscover the fun of the original NES. The old Nintendo games are nostalgic, but not as mindless and easy as you might think.

What Does ‘Good Enough’ Look Like In Afghanistan?

An attack that nearly killed the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan is just the latest sign that the security situation where the United States has been at war for 17 years is disintegrating.

Despite Botched Summit with Putin, Trump’s Policies Are Still Pressuring Russia

Although Trump’s incredible statements at the press conference were irresponsible, naïve, and even dangerous, they do not reflect current U.S. policy toward Russia. And that’s a very good thing.

Merkel Melts Under Pressure To Tighten Europe’s Borders, Does 180 On Migrant Policy

Merkel is working frantically to stave off rebellion in her government over her de facto open borders immigration policies.

Erdogan Tightens His Grip On Turkey

The budding dictator has a large constituency that makes up about half of the country, which is for most part the country’s conservative Muslim population.

Kim Jong Un Comes To The Nuclear Summit With A Deceptively Strong Hand

Kim terrified the world with the uptick in nuclear and ballistic missiles tests over the last two years, and the world is anxious, even desperate, to get him to stop.

Trump Was Right To Cancel The North Korea Summit

Trump managed to do exactly what President Obama failed to do during the Iran negotiations.

What We Know About China’s Suspected Laser Attack On U.S. Soldiers Last Week

They aren’t just some high-tech toy bought off the shelf. This was a military weapon being used on U.S. Air Force pilots.

Taking Kim Jong-un At His Word Will Give The Deceptive Dictator Way Too Much Leverage

There are plenty of reasons to be suspicious that North Korea hasn’t fundamentally changed its goals, even if it has had to change its tactics.

The Problem With The North Korea Breakthrough Is That Trump Said ‘Yes’ To Talks

The president is setting a dangerous precedent about rewarding bad behavior — in this case, from a designated state sponsor of terrorism.

Putin’s Anti-US Rhetoric Is Heating Up, And We Should Take Him Seriously

Russia’s economy might be weak, and the country might have demographic problems, but on international standing and regional influence, Putin is no lightweight.

Why It’s Insane To Welcome North Korea To The Olympic Games

Before you start popping champagne bottles or using white-out on your map of North and South Korea, let’s pause and consider what led to this announcement and its consequences.

Do Mass Protests In Tunisia Mark The Start Of A New Arab Spring?

As if by some cosmic irony, Tunisia is once again being rocked by mass protests and its government, once again, is cracking down.

Is The Diplomatic Breakthrough Between South And North Korea A Good Thing?

The South’s acceptance of the North’s overtures without at least some acknowledgement from Pyongyang that it needs to disarm undermines America’s hard-line approach.

Iranian Protests Offer Opportunity For A Real U.S. Reset In The Middle East

Over the past four days, Iranians have taken to the streets in several cities to protest corruption and living conditions in the repressive Islamic Republic.

Trump’s National Security Strategy Reverses Obama’s Policy Of Leading From Behind

Now that the National Security Strategy has been released, the American public can get a closer look at what the Trump administration considers important for foreign policy.

Tillerson’s ‘No Preconditions’ For North Korea Means Things Are Worse Than We Thought

Rex Tillerson’s startling comments signal that Pyongyang is truly on the cusp of having a nuclear-capable intercontinental missile and that a military conflict might be fast approaching.

The Yemen Civil War Just Got Even Worse

Yemen desperately needed a way out of this conflict, which is brutalizing its people. Now, that hope has dissipated and the country is worse off than ever.

No Surprise U.S. Wants Out Of U.N. Migration Pact Given Europe’s Track Record

While many are calling this a sign of American isolationism, administration officials maintain the real problem is that the compact threatens U.S. sovereignty.

The Philippines’ President Spurns The U.S. To Flirt With China

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte wants to be free to pivot toward China without entirely losing the United States as an ally and as a trading partner, having his cake and eating it too.