Liz Mair
Liz Mair
Liz Mair

Liz Mair is president of Mair Strategies, LLC.

Elizabeth Warren Is In A Spin War With Democrats, And Conservatives Should Pay Attention

Warren semi-regularly fluffs her facts on what is supposed to be her area of policy expertise. Anger seems to matter more to her than getting stuff right.

How Increased Banking Regulations Undercut Federal Pretense At Helping Small Businesses

If small businesses really are struggling to get credit, fewer banking options likely makes that struggle more intense. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is counterproductive.

Why A Tim Kaine Veep For Clinton Won’t Lure Many Crossover Voters

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is apparently a finalist on Hillary Clinton’s veep shortlist, but his record on human life issues leaves much to be desired.

4 Ways To Oppose Trump Besides Voting Hillary

Here are the options various #NeverTrump leaders are actively pursuing right now to try to deliver an alternative choice for Americans this fall.

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