Lipton Matthews
Lipton Matthews

Lipton Matthews is a researcher and business analyst. His work has been published by the Mises Institute and the Jamaica Gleaner. You can find him on Twitter @MatthewsLipton and email him at [email protected]

How To Disprove The 6 Most Outrageous Myths Of The 1619 Project

Nearly a year since anti-American 1619 Project was unveiled, far too many of its egregious historical falsehoods have been blindly accepted by the media.

Black Lives Matter Opposes Two Huge Forces For Black Success: Family And Capitalism

The agenda of the Black Lives Matter organization goes far beyond issues of police brutality — it opposes free markets and two-parent families.

Black Lives Matter Needs To Care About All Black Lives, Not Just The Few Ended By Police

If BLM leaders care about black lives, they ought to focus on what can improve the quality of life for black Americans — starting with stronger families.