Keith Stanglin
Keith Stanglin
No, The Pilgrims Didn’t Desecrate Native American Graves, And Other Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Revisionist histories are nearly always written (or posted to the internet) with an agenda in mind — it’s no different for the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.

Our Ancestors Would Be Amazed At Our Cowardly Coronavirus Hysteria

As I read through premodern histories that record the effects of epidemics much worse than our present crisis, I am struck by how our ancestors seemed to take them all in stride.

Of Course, You Should Stock Up On Toilet Paper

If you have two weeks of food — and you should — then you should also have at least two weeks of toilet paper. I hope I don’t have to explain the causal connection.

Bloomberg Ad Champions His Support For Baby Health And…Baby Death

Why should we be so pleased and moved that infant mortality decreased at the same time we were free to kill as many of these same babies just before birth?

If Heavy Traffic Makes You Question God’s Existence, You’re Not Alone

I know of no better reflection of the disenchantment of the modern world than a traffic jam. It is truly soul-destroying.

Here’s How To Tell Your Kids That Santa Claus Is Real

What has become a secular symbol of greed and pop sentimentality — probably the worst possible way to celebrate Jesus’ birth — can be reinvested with meaning that points to the true Messiah.