Katharine Gorka
Katharine Gorka

Katharine C. Gorka is the director of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Civil Society and the American Dialogue.

If Leftists Knew How Much ‘Ted Lasso’ Undermines Them, They’d Cancel It

The sense of hope that ‘Ted Lasso’ instills is something we all hanker for — and it’s something you won’t find in today’s modern left.

How Identity Politics Revives Slaveholders’ Argument For Group Rights

Identity politics will drive us straight back into the tyranny and subjugation our Founders and subsequent generations fought so hard to escape.

How The 1960s Riots Foreshadow Today’s Communist Weaponization Of Black Pain

Many would have us believe that the riots and violence sweeping across America’s cities this year are spontaneous. But history and current evidence tell us otherwise.