Justin Danhof
Justin Danhof
Justin Danhof

Justin Danhof is the General Counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research, as well as Director of the Center’s Free Enterprise Project.

Nasdaq Wants To Push Companies To Hire Fewer White, Straight Men

Nasdaq seeks to coerce company boards to adhere to new ‘diversity’ quotas based on race, sex, and sexual behavior.

Trump’s Labor Department Demands Microsoft Explain Its Racist Hiring Practices

If the Labor Department is inclined to look into other companies, its staff would likely be very busy rooting out similar racist practices.

Until Amazon Stops Letting A Hate Group Run Amazon Smile, Jeff Bezos’s Pledge To Congress Means Nothing

If Amazon can decide which products can be sold on its massive website, surely it can determine which charities are actually peddling in hate versus those simply preaching religious values.

In Apple Case, Feds Green-Light Corporate Discrimination Against Conservatives

It’s time for Congress to take notice of the role the SEC plays in shaping corporate proxy ballots — and how that process is empowering corporate America’s march to the left. 

Conservatives Should Use The Left’s Playbook To Change Corporate Culture

Far-left activists use corporate pressure as a means to achieve change because they understand one concept very well: You don’t need to change a law to change the culture.

I Was Called A KKK Member For Asking Amazon To Support Ideological Diversity

What do the terms Klan member, racist, and book burner all have in common? They were all names I was called during Amazon’s annual meeting of shareholders.

CVS Makes Plans To Ration Customers’ Health Care

A health rationing organization’s opinion about so-called quality of life value will soon determine whether CVS customers can receive new prescription drugs and treatments.

Meet The ‘Bipartisan’ Billionaire Couple Quietly Funding Planned Parenthood

After they gained notoriety for backing far-left advocacy organizations, it appears the Arnolds tried to scrub their giving from the internet.

In Gun Debate, Big Business Lines Up Yet Again As Left’s Guns For Hire

The presumption that big business and conservatives will march in lockstep because of shared views on macroeconomic policy is a bygone, and conservatives have no one to blame but themselves.