Josiah Peterson
Josiah Peterson

Josiah Peterson is the debate coach at The King’s College (NYC) and the author of the book, The Electoral College: Critical to Our Republic.

No, Jesse Jackson, The Electoral College Isn’t Racist

Rev. Jesse Jackson has made headlines saying that as we get rid of Confederate statues we should also get rid of the Electoral College.

Even If He Wins States, Evan McMullin Won’t Make Hillary Win

It’s close to impossible for Evan McMullin to win the presidency. But it’s also nearly impossible that his campaign will be responsible for giving the election to Hillary.

These Numbers Say A Third Party Can Win The Presidency

You don’t need a majority, or even a plurality, of electors to win the presidency. Let me explain.

Elizabeth Warren Is Totally Wrong About Planned Parenthood

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s speech is rhetorically powerful and warrants a thoughtful response.