Jonathan Helwink

Jonathan Helwink is a history professor at a college in Chicago. He is also an attorney licensed to practice law in Illinois. His academic interests include the intersection of law, history, tradition, and contemporary politics in American higher education. Reach him at [email protected]

Addressing Bigotry Does More To Stop It Than Shutting Down Speech

Shouting down or shutting down speech isn’t a triumph against ignorance; it perpetuates ignorance.

No, Professors’ Academic Freedom Should Not Be Virtually Unlimited

The American Association of University Professors formerly promoted academic freedom that balances the privileges of additional speech protections with accompanying duties. No more.

Oberlin College Did The Right Thing By Firing Joy Karega For Anti-Semitism

When they fired Joy Karenga for vicious anti-semitism, Oberlin College sent a clear message about the responsibilities that accompany academic freedom.

Safe Spaces Just Make The World More Dangerous

When we limit students’ ability to discuss controversial ideas, we allow harmful prejudices and thoughts to fester. Classrooms should offer more.