Jonathan Bronitsky
Jonathan Bronitsky
Jonathan Bronitsky

Jonathan Bronitsky is political strategist writing a biography of Irving Kristol to be published by Oxford University Press. You can follow him on Twitter @jbronitsky and read his writings at

Yes, The Left’s Anti-Semitism Is More Pronounced Than The Alt-Right’s

The average Jewish American will encounter far more systemic anti-Semitism as an undergraduate at college than in encounters with the alt-right or middle America.

The Alt-Right Distracts Many Jews From A Left-Wing Enemy

The alt-right is a nebulous void into which Jews can project their anxieties while ignoring the real adversary that’s far more dangerous and whose origins lie much closer to home.

How To Revive Jewish Support For Israel

Current pro-Israel efforts among Jewish millennials will fail because they’re targeting the symptom rather than the syndrome.

Patriotic Americans Need Not Apply To Fight ISIS

At least, that’s the message the government’s recruiting Web site sends would-be ISIS fighters—and everyone else.

The Enemy Within: Fault The Western Culture That Fosters Islamism

Western culture’s guilt complex and self-hatred leaves it too weak to defend itself against radical Islam.

Will Diversity Destroy The Left?

Insisting that diversity depends on race and identity instead of class will cost the Left its political power.