Jon Del Arroz
Jon Del Arroz
Jon Del Arroz

Jon Del Arroz is an award winning author of the bestselling novel, For Steam And Country. He is currently writing several space opera and steampunk books, as well as a graphic novel set to come out later this year. He can be found at: Twitter: @jondelarroz

Indie Sci-Fi Authors Are Upending Traditional Publishing, And It’s Turned Into A War

As mainstream sci-fi publishing has gotten more and more political, writers have discovered there’s a huge market for apolitical, independent books.

Should People Who Sell Sex Report Their Earnings To The IRS?

Over Thanksgiving weekend, social media blew up over an internet subculture of women who trade images of lewd acts for money.

Crowdfunded Rebellion Against Identity Politics In Comics Nets $1.25 Million And Counting

If the successful crowdfunding trend continues, we could see a watershed moment in comics like the Amazon Kindle was to bookstores.

After I Said Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness, Twitter Blocked My Account

It seemed unimaginable a year ago to have to define what a mental disorder is to make an argument to even remain on social media, but this is how far the left has gone in big tech.

It’s Time To Fight Until The Left Follows The Rules They Force On The Right

Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr are only the latest example. Conservatives must get more vocal in holding leftists accountable to their own rules.

Mob Attempts To Strangle YouTuber’s Breakout Success Upon Ditching SJW-Infested Comics

Antarctic Press was hit by a storm of industry professionals colluding to try to force conservative-authored competition out of the business.

Yes, A GQ Writer Actually Called Taylor Swift’s Cover Of ‘September’ ‘Hate Speech’

The left-wing’s echo chamber of the internet is outraged at Swift’s new cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September,’ which she released on Spotify.

Orson Scott Card’s ‘Extinct’ Resurrects Sci-Fi TV All Ages Can Enjoy

Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston resurrect sci-fi the whole family can enjoy in the show hosted by BYUtv. I talked to Johnston about the show.

ComicCon Bans Actor Kevin Sorbo Because He’s A Conservative

Instead of quietly discriminating as they’ve done in the past, now the Left is pushing to publicly shame artists and actors, including blacklisting people like Kevin Sorbo from public appearances.

The Manufactured Outrage At Marvel’s New Editor In Chief Is Just A Power Play

C.B. Cebulski is the victim of manufactured identity politics outrage, in an attempt to get him fired before his work as editor in chief even begins.

3 Reasons Baseball Will Lose Big If National Anthem Protests Catch On

If Oakland As catcher Bruce Maxwell’s grandstanding spreads to the rest of the MLB, baseball is at a much greater risk for its survival than the NFL is. Here’s why.

How Never-Satisfied Social Justice Mobs Are Ruining YA Book Publishing

As we’ve seen in Hollywood, television, and comics, young adult fiction audiences have been tuning out of the traditional platforms and seeking independent entertainment.

How To Keep Your Online Browsing Unfiltered By Political Propaganda

By pushing so hard against half of the country, tech companies may have shown an Achilles heel, allowing freedom-centric competitors to get their feet in the door.

Forcing Political Correctness On Employees And Characters Is Killing Marvel Comics

Their comic books have lost their core of good storytelling, and are instead pandering to social justice warriors and offering phony diversity pushes.