John Thomas
John Thomas
Why Big Tech Companies Can’t Stop Being ‘Evil’

Rana Foroohar’s new book, ‘Don’t Be Evil,’ paints an alarming portrait of Silicon Valley tech companies that need to be reined in before they start to affect our lives in even more insidious ways.

Yes, The United States Should Close Detention Centers For Illegal Entrants

Joe Biden talks about closing immigration detention centers as if he hasn’t supported them throughout his political career. Yet there is a good case against them.

Pete Buttigieg Is Wrong About Democrats Who Support Natural Marriage

Buttigieg needs to say whether there’s a place for marriage traditionalists in the Democratic Party and stop invoking the ‘right side of history’ trope.

NF Shows How To Be A Christian Rapper Without Being A Christian Rapper

NF realizes that what our society needs is not more little rap songs about Christianity, but more little rap songs by Christians — with their Christianity latent.

Hawley’s SMART Act Is The Beginning Of The Revolt Against Big Tech

Sen. Josh Hawley’s SMART Act is a shift away from merely writing and ranting about Big Tech. It represents a legislative plunge, a first attempt to regulate the heretofore unregulated.