John Dellaportas
John Dellaportas

John Dellaportas is an attorney who, since 1994, has practiced law in New York City. His practice focuses on securities litigation and enforcement, and commercial, real estate and intellectual property matters.

Here’s What Robert Mueller Can Do To Reverse His Slide In The Polls

Maybe Robert Mueller could actually do the job he was asked to do, and let us know whether he found a grand conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Vlad Putin to steal the election. Nah.

Why Robert Mueller Is The Clown Prince Of Federal Law Enforcement

As we enter the second year of Robert Mueller’s sprawling investigation, Hanlon’s Razor teaches us to ‘Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.’

Why The FBI’s Raid On Michael Cohen Sets A Dangerous Precedent

In his obsessive pursuit of President Trump, Robert Mueller has deprived Trump of his right to the counsel of his choice. Setting this precedent for Trump sets it for everyone.