John Carroll
John Carroll

John Carroll earned a PhD in higher education administration from the University of Texas at Austin and served in academic leadership at a large for-profit university. He currently serves as vice president of customer success at cybersecurity firm London Security Solutions. John lives with his family outside of Austin, Texas. Follow John on Twitter @radicalprof. E-mail John at [email protected]

All Campus Speech Codes Are Incompatible With The First Amendment, And Should Be Abolished

University ‘bias response teams,’ and the speech codes they enforce, use the power of the state to suppress unapproved speech and control students.

Speech Codes Are The Problem On Campuses, Not ‘A Right-Wing Assault’

The Solomonic task of parsing speech allowed under academic freedom, but prohibited, and potentially punished, by bias response teams, is folly.

How For-Profit Universities’ Conversion To Nonprofits Will Up-End Higher Education

If regulators pursue former for-profits with the same zeal after they become nonprofits, they risk being required to evaluate traditional colleges according to the same standards.