Jon Miltimore
Jon Miltimore

Jon Miltimore is the Managing Editor of Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Jon’s reporting has been cited in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN. He has bylines in The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner, and the Daily Caller. He previously served in editorial roles at The History Channel magazine, Intellectual Takeout, and Scout. He is a former reporter for the Panama City News Herald, and served as an intern in the speechwriting department of George W. Bush.

The People Who Want To Run The U.S. Economy Can’t Run A Simple Caucus

The meltdown in Iowa serves as a useful reminder: systems are complicated. It’s a lot easier to promise you’ll fix major problems than to actually do it.

No, Trump Hasn’t Waged The ‘Most Sustained Assault On Press Freedom In History’

From the Alien and Sedition Acts to the Pentagon Papers, Chris Wallace ignores basic history by claiming Trump has made ‘the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.’

How A Russian’s Grocery Store Trip In 1989 Exposed The Lie Of Socialism

The fall of the Berlin Wall was indeed a watershed in the collapse of the Soviet Empire, yet one could argue the true death knell came two months before at a small grocery store in Clear Lake, Texas.