Jason Beale
Jason Beale (a pseudonym) is a retired U.S. Army interrogator and strategic debriefer with 30 years experience in military and intelligence interrogation and human intelligence collection operations. He's on Twitter @jabeale.
Andrew McCabe’s Media Tour Confirmed The FBI Had No Basis For Investigating Trump

In a different time, the media would be out following up on the inconsistencies and alarming assertions Andrew McCabe provided in his interviews.

It’s Suspicious That The FBI And DOJ Didn’t Check Into Christopher Steele’s Leaks To The Press

Would you do everything you could to determine whether you could trust a source who lied to you before relying on him to treat a U.S. citizen guilty of treason?

James Comey’s Own Words Suggest FBI, DOJ Hid Dossier Funding From The FISA Judge

If James Comey, who signed the FISA application, couldn’t figure out who funded the dossier, how could a judge?

Why Did DOJ And FBI Ignore Lack Of Evidence For Russiagate? They Fell In Love With Their Source

The information Christopher Steele was providing so perfectly fit into a narrative of conspiracy that it was impossible to ignore, and almost too good to check.

IG Report Shows James Comey Lied About Why He Publicized New Clinton Emails

The inspector general’s direct answer whether James Comey lied was curious, in that his conclusion conflicts with facts and testimony detailed in his own report.

Why It’s Ridiculous To Say FBI Spying Meant To Protect The Trump Campaign

The decision to use Stefan Halper as an informant instead of a messenger cannot possibly be considered a favor to the Trump campaign. It’s as insulting as it is ridiculous to assert.

His Selective Memory Suggests James Comey Slow-Walked The FBI’s Investigation Into Hillary Clinton

Consider James Comey’s vague responses and the unlikeliness of the scenarios he describes. There has to be an explanation for this anomaly in Comey’s carefully crafted narrative.

How House Democrats’ FISA Memo Confirms Republicans’ Charges Of Abuse

Democrats’ memo destroys only straw-men unassociated with the proceedings, and confirms the use of raw intelligence to argue an American citizen committed treason.

Here’s The One Question Democrats Need To Answer In Their Memo, But Probably Won’t

They must address whether the FISA court was misled about the credibility of the Steele dossier.

Gowdy And Schiff Told Us Opposite Things About The House Intel Memo. Who Was Right?

Lots of somebodies are lying about what’s inside and behind the House Intelligence Committee memo charging abuse of secret surveillance measures.

With Dueling Claims About FISA Abuse, Whom Should You Believe?

Who has the most to lose here? The answer to that question will help you decide who’s closer to the truth in this matter.

The Alternative Explanation For Trump’s ‘Collusion’ Behavior: He’s Innocent

Consider it for a moment. What if Donald Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with any nefarious activities related to collusion, conspiracy, or cooperation with Russia?

James Clapper Knows Nothing About The FBI’s Collusion Probe. So Why Does He Keep Pretending Otherwise?

It’s fascinating that James Clapper continues to put himself in front of reporters as an authoritative source of information regarding an investigation he knows nothing about.