James Simpson
James Simpson

James Simpson is an economist, author and investigative journalist. His latest book is “The Red Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.” Follow Jim on Twitter and Facebook.

New Model Exposes The Human Losses From Coronavirus Shutdowns

A new online tool called RestartNOW! charts a pathway to restart the economy in stages, quickly and safely, right down to the county level.

How Long Will Media Use SPLC’s Garbage Hate List To Smear People?

Now about 60 organizations have either sued or are considered suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for its fraudulent smears. It’s about time.

The Kavanaugh Allegations Are Psychological Terrorism, And It’s Time They End

Vilification is a form of psychological terrorism. Because the fury displayed by those leveling the charges is so relentless and uncompromising, it carries its own threat.

Judge To Tennessee: You’ll Take Refugees Whether You Want To Or Not

Many aspects of the refugee resettlement program force states and local governments to continue to accept refugees even if they choose not to participate.

Shut Down America’s Refugee Programs Before They Turn Us Into Germany

It costs 12 times as much to resettle refugees as it does to assist them in place. Almost all refugees would prefer to return home than be resettled to a third country.