James Heaney
James Heaney

James J. Heaney is a Java application developer from St. Paul, MN. He blogs at jamesjheaney.com, and his work has previously appeared at Aleteia. He always reads the comments.

Relax. Nobody Will Drown In Trumpcare’s High-Risk Pools

The idea pushed by the Center for American Progress, that the Trumpcare high-risk pools will be crushed by demand far outstripping their supply, is not based on fact.

Finding A Place For Faith In A Post-Christian America

Archbishop Charles Chaput’s new book offers little hope for America, but great hope for Americans.

The Electoral College Didn’t Steal The Election For Trump

The presidential electors have a constitutional duty to vote for the person best-suited to be president, regardless of whether that person is Donald Trump.

Conservatism Is Dead; Long Live Conservatism

There is no conservative movement. The ‘Reagan coalition’ stopped existing as an operational political force some time ago.