Ilya Feoktistov
Ilya Feoktistov

Ilya Feoktistov is a Boston-based civil rights attorney, representing victims of lockdowns and cancel culture. He can be reached at [email protected]

How Massachusetts Annihilated Private Property Rights In The Name Of COVID Restrictions

Upholding draconian restrictions, the Massachusetts Supreme Court took away its citizens’ essential private property rights and gave them to the governor.

A Look At Scientific Evidence Suggesting Face Masks Damage Your Health

Scientists have found significant impaired thinking or concentration after only 100 minutes of mask use, correlating significantly with reduced blood oxygen levels in the test subjects.

It’s Not Fear Driving COVID-19 Panic. It’s Disgust

Three postulates point to rational alternatives for the pandemic’s restrictions on civil liberties, and underlie an entirely new way of understanding the history of human conflict.

A Short History Of How Anthony Fauci Has Kept Failing Up Since 1984

The media buried long-standing scientific concerns that Anthony Fauci had been ‘sucking money away from work to understand and counter natural disease outbreaks.’

Why Americans Should Fight Unconstitutional Lockdown Orders For Our Right To Party

The best case for a right to party is in the right of assembly, placed in the Bill of Rights as many deadly diseases threatened the American population.

GOP Governor Embraces Radical Muslim Cleric Who Somehow Makes Westboro Baptist Look Acceptable

How Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Imam Yasir Fahmy became strange bedfellows, sidelining the latter’s anti-gay and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Massachusetts Public School Continues To Allow Bullying, Harassment Of Jewish Students

There’s a troubling and unreported pattern of harassment and discrimination against Jewish students at Newton North High School.

How Foreign Terrorist Funders Get U.S. Public Schools To Teach Anti-Jew Propaganda

Using teacher training programs to indoctrinate U.S. children in Massachusetts shows just a sliver of the Arab theocracies’ larger influence operations within the American K-12 system.

Emails Reveal High School Teachers Plotting To Hide Their Political Bias From Parents

The Left is abusing American high school education in its struggle to gain and retain political power. We only found out about this incident by accident. How many more?

Washington Post Whitewashes Hater Of Women, Gays, And Jews Because He’s A Muslim Convert

The Washington Post’s ‘hip, tolerant imam’ turns out to be a raving hater—and it’s all on tape.