Hutson Mason
Hutson Mason

Hutson Mason is a former University of Georgia quarterback and current SEC Network analyst. He’s also a radio host with 680 The Fan in Atlanta.

Despite Doomsday Predictions From The Media, College Football Endured

The culture of college football won the war and beat the doomsayers. Here’s to getting back to normal, tailgating, and crazy student sections in 2021.

Football’s Been Back For Weeks With No ‘Super Spreader’ Events Yet

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Big Ten Is Crushing Minority Athletes’ Prospects, And Parents Aren’t Having It

Kevin Warren is effectively telling parents he believes it’s too risky for players of his conference to play football this fall but perfectly safe for his own son to continue his NCAA career.

How Canceling College Football’s Season Will Backfire On Universities, NCAA

As conferences across the country consider whether to follow the Big Ten’s lead, fans should ask themselves: Are these decisions about protecting players or protecting amateurism?