Henry Scanlon
Henry Scanlon
Henry Scanlon

Writer and photographer from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Author and columnist whose work has been published by Harper & Row, St. Martin’s Press, Newsweek, American Photographer Magazine, The Photo District News, and many other international publications.

Scanlon was co-founder and CEO of Comstock Images, a pioneering international photo agency that is currently a division of Getty Images. (He is no longer affiliated.) He is past president of The Picture Agency Council of America and a national runner-up Merrill Lynch/Inc. Magazine’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award. More at www.henryscanlon.com. Follow him on Twitter @hscanlon33.

4 Slurs Democrats Need To Stop Using As Political Weapons

Grab a piece of paper and make a hash mark every time you hear a progressive make a beeline for one of the Four Big Slurs rather than acknowledge a legitimate counter-position.

Hillary And Donald Need American Exceptionalism 101

American exceptionalism doesn’t mean doing great stuff. It means having an entirely different system of government, one that trusts individuals to run their own affairs.

Can We Stop Lying About Every Fake Political Outrage Already?

Pouncing on Hillary Clinton for saying she ‘short-circuited’ or insisting Donald Trump proposed assassinating her are examples of the outrage machine’s intentional lies for political gain. Make it stop.

Sanders Voters Have A Lot More In Common With Conservatives Than They Think

Yes, Bernie supporters, we’ve been there, where you are. We’ve been there for a long time.

Hillary Managed Her Emails Like Criminals I’ve Known

‘There’s no evidence’ is the last refuge of a brazen criminal. I know, because two employees scammed me before destroying all the evidence, and it nearly got them off.

How Mahler’s Tenth Symphony Helped Me Handle A Visit To Auschwitz

Gustav Mahler’s Tenth Symphony is about death, and acceptance. It released me from the memory of a day at Auschwitz.

Why Conservative Women Are So Pretty

The women of the Right are allowed to believe things that the women of the Left are not. It sets them free to be themselves. And that’s beautiful.

Trump Should Release His Tax Returns To Prove He’s Not A Fraud

If he doesn’t, it would be wise to assume he is.

Is It Time To Admit Character Doesn’t Matter?

There is a kind of willful obliviousness to character that is unseemly no matter which side of the political spectrum embraces it. It’s prominent in both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaigns.

To Take Down Trump, You Must Attack Him Personally

The only way to take Donald Trump down is to do unto him as he has done to others.

On Net Neutrality, Even John Oliver Would Call John Oliver An Idiot

Comcast and all the other horrible cable companies want to buy off politicians rather than make you happy. That’s why they love net neutrality.