Franklin Einspruch
Franklin Einspruch
Franklin Einspruch

Franklin Einspruch is an artist and writer in Boston. You can see his work at

Elizabeth Warren’s Proposed Breakup Of Big Tech Only Reveals Her Ignorance And Hypocrisy

Is she confused or cynical? This presidential hopeful says she’s over corporate giants, but when it comes to Amazon, she wants to be friends with benefits.

Left In Denial Blames Evergreen’s Bat-Wielding Student Mobs On Professor Who Opposed Racism

Noah Berlatsky’s complaint here is, seriously, that Bret Weinstein illustrated his tweet about credible reports of Evergreen protesters with bats with a picture of Evergreen protesters with bats.

Don’t Listen To The Communists, Madeline: It’s True They’d Take Your Rights

It may sound like a paradox, but history has proven that striving for collective good results in collective harm. But striving for freedom results in something akin to collective good.

With Gold Toilet Offer, Guggenheim Competes With Trump In Vulgarity

The White House asked the Guggenheim Museum for a Vincent van Gogh painting. The museum offered it a potty joke.

NYT Columnist Lindy West Debuts With Clueless Rant Against Free Speech

The left’s ‘point-and-shriek’ tactics do little to foster civil discourse. Lindy West’s new column in the New York Times is a good example of that.

Cultural Marxists Are Actually Pomofascists

A Yale professor insists it’s not liberals who cause political correctness, but capitalists. What a perfect example of postmodern fascism.

Homemade Mayonnaise Is The Very Essence Of Conservatism

If you want to know what real mayonnaise tastes like, you have to exercise the conservative virtues of self-reliance and individual initiative.

Is Cultural Appropriation Ever Wrong?

Mixing and matching ideas and techniques in artistry doesn’t hurt anyone, despite complaints about ‘cultural appropriation.’

Boston Kimono Alarms Culture Crusaders

Worrying that someone might touch a robe Orientalistically is out in tinfoil-hat territory. But that’s the latest from Boston, where protesters decried an exhibit featuring a dress-up kimono.

Oops, I Guess I Just Raped Emma Sulkowicz

Performance ‘artist’ Emma Sulkowicz comes up with another way to prolong attention to her sophomoric shenanigans.

Cultural Appropriation Is Culture

Where does new culture come from? It is copied, with alterations, from existing culture. The process is reproductive. Sexy, even.