Eric V. Schlecht
Eric V. Schlecht
Eric Schlecht

Eric V. Schlecht, a writer and consultant, has worked on budget and economic issues in Congress and Washington DC for more than 20 years.

Why Tax Reform Must Be Tied To Major Federal Spending Cuts

The idea that we must rob from Peter to pay Paul has led to historic levels of taxation in this country and helped stifle economic growth for decades.

The Iran Deal: Peace Prizes For War

The president doesn’t actually want an alternative to war with Iran. He wants a ‘legacy.’

Stop Complaining About Businesses Moving Abroad

Instead, do something: Make America’s tax rates and business climate competitive again.

What A Constitutional Federal Budget Would Look Like

In 2012, the federal government collected $2.45 trillion, had $3.53 trillion in total outlays, and involved itself in every issue in America from A to Z.