Eric Peters
Eric Peters
Eric Peters

Eric Peters is a freelance political columnist. He is the author of “Automotive Atrocities” and “Road Hogs” (MBI) and is currently living amongst the Edentulites in rural SW Virginia.

California Regulators Want To Control What Kind Of Cars All Americans Are Allowed To Drive

If Trump breaks California’s regulatory sway over national fuel economy standards, several car companies might have to eat massive losses.

Taxpayers Need To Start Charging Elon Musk Rather Than Paying Him

SpaceX doesn’t cut NASA in when it uses NASA facilities—our facilities—to launch rockets carrying private cargo, which he gets paid for effectively twice.

The GOP Should Not Use Their Power To Shield Big Donors From Competition

If the GOP proves itself to be the flip side of the same old coin, the next elections won’t turn out as well for them as the one that just concluded.

Don’t Let Congress Control Your Contact Lens Choices

Congress has given eye doctors and contact lens manufacturers a monopoly on the market. That prevents consumers from determining what’s best for them.