Elizabeth Vaughn
Elizabeth Vaughn

Elizabeth is a conservative political writer. Please view her work at redstate.com/elizabeth-vaughn. Email Elizabeth at [email protected]

Chicago Mayor Denies Trump’s Help While 15 Are Shot Near Funeral Home

Individuals in a passing SUV fired on a group of mourners standing outside a Chicago funeral home injuring 14. A witness likened the scene to a ‘war zone.’

Democrats Claim Stopping Two Months Of Portland Rioting Is An ‘Attack On Democracy’

‘Please pack up and go home’ was the response from Oregon Gov. Kate Brown when acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf called to offer federal assistance.

Why ViacomCBS Ignored Nick Cannon’s Remarks About White People’s ‘Genetic Inferiority’

Nick Cannon’s comments about whites being ‘genetically inferior’ and ‘closer to animals’ than blacks would have been front-page news if they had been uttered by a white person about blacks.

Instead Of Arresting 300 People Who Broke Into Gated Community, St. Louis Confiscates Terrified Couple’s Unused Defense Rifle

Rioters are not the victims we need to protect here. But St. Louis’s DA and ‘The View’ cohosts think the couple 300 agitators terrified on their own front lawn are the problem.

Poll: If Election Were Held Today, Trump Would Beat Biden By A Lot

Despite recent polls showing Joe Biden with a commanding lead over Donald Trump, a new shock poll reveals Americans aren’t quite as eager to hand over their freedom as it has appeared.