Elizabeth Bauer
Elizabeth Bauer
Elizabeth Bauer is a Forbes contributor and actuary who lives in the Chicago area. She also writes as Jane the Actuary at Patheos.com and tweets at @janetheactuary.
Proportional Representation Like Missouri’s Is Just Another Form Of Gerrymandering

Redistricting for the ‘efficiency gap’ further abandons the idea that voters should have a real choice, and that their representative is out to represent them, not their political party.

The Pilgrims Didn’t Invent Thanksgiving, So Stop Blaming Them And Be Grateful

We should celebrate Thanksgiving as our ancestors did, a moment to reflect on the extraordinary blessings of our time.

No, Men Taking Transgender Hormones Don’t Get Periods

Let’s reiterate basic human biology: A period is the flow of menstrual blood approximately two weeks after ovulation. If you don’t ovulate, you don’t have a period.

How Companies Should Pressure The Ivy League To Stop Discriminating Against Asians

The stakes of the lawsuit accusing Harvard of discriminating against Asian American students in its selection process are much higher than they ought to be.

The Problem With AP Classes Is Far Bigger Than ‘Imperialism’

AP classes, and the College Board, have too large a role in defining the curriculum of American high schools due to their de facto monopoly on the college-credit system for high schoolers.

Transgender Politics Is Turning Sports Into Paralympics

This is, in itself, disturbing. But what’s more worrying is the acceptance of this state of affairs by journalists and even the athletes who lost their chance at victory.

What The Holocaust Has To Do With Today’s Palestinian Conflict

Looking at the formation of the state of Israel through the lens of the Holocaust isn’t really the right way to understand it. Instead, what really matters is the postwar history.

No, One-Third of American College Students Aren’t Homeless And Hungry

Media are blowing a problem of hunger on college campuses way out of proportion. Some kids struggle, sure, but there’s no real evidence of a crisis.

Amid Higher Education Bubble, Lefty Think Tank Insists There Aren’t Enough Colleges

Sounding the alarm on these made up ‘deserts’ does more harm than good. There’s simply no real indication Americans are struggling to find higher education.

Why A Tax Credit May Not Be The Best Way To Foster Adoption

The rhetoric says the credit is beautifully pro-life and, in taking it away, Congress is practically consigning children to lives in orphanages or being snuffed out in abortion. But is that accurate?

Why ‘Child Care Deserts’ Are A Pretend Problem

In a new report, the Center for American Progress is trying to make ‘Child Care Deserts’ a metric to drive government policies.

How Embedding Women With Contraception May Keep Them In Poverty

Embedding poor women with long-acting contraception may produce a generation of poor people who may be worse off, lacking the comforts of family life.