Eli Steinberg
Eli Steinberg

Eli Steinberg lives in New Jersey with his wife and five children. They are not responsible for his opinions, which he has been putting into words over the last decade, and which have been published across Jewish and general media. You can tweet the hottest of your takes at him @HaMeturgeman.

Americans Are Sick Of Placebo Government

What people want from politicians is not to put on the same tired show they have been watching for years. They want them to get things done.

Ted Cruz Is Right: You Don’t Have A Right To Health Care

Progressives keep using the language of ‘rights’ to excuse and facilitate their agenda. But the word doesn’t mean what they think it means.

The GOP Convention Should Give Trump An Anti-Trump Veep

Donald Trump’s running mate shouldn’t try to make Trump’s agenda palatable for conservatives. Instead, he ought to spend his time undermining Trump.

Liberalism And Jewish Values Are Not Synonymous

For many Jews, religious values and a relationship with God guide their approach to issues. It’s too bad that Rabbi Jack Moline chooses to do the opposite.

Chris Christie’s Win Was a Lot Less Impressive Than You Think

Should Chris Christie’s reelection victory in liberal New Jersey lead to coronation as the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination? Not so fast.