Dustin Siggins
Dustin Siggins
Dustin Siggins

Dustin Siggins is founder of Proven Media Solutions, a communications and business strategy firm. He is a former political journalist who is widely published on issues of public policy, culture, and politics in outlets such as USA TODAY, Huffington Post, Roll Call, and National Review Online. He has appeared on television and radio across the country.

8 Nonpartisan Reasons To Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood engages in taxpayer waste, covering up sex abuse scandals, and hypocritical lobbying on issues of speech. Plus, it’s not needed.

Republicans Are Spending Your Money Like There’s No Tomorrow

When does lavish federal spending get reined in? Not when there’s a Republican Congress, apparently.

Server Company Pulls The Plug On Conservative Website In The Name Of ‘Diversity’

Here’s yet another example of the Left refusing service to customers based on their beliefs, despite widely insisting the Right can’t do the same.

GOP Leaders Chose Trump. They Can’t Disown Him Now

Thanks, folks—you helped give us Donald Trump, and then when his comments from the Bush era came to light, you carried Hillary Clinton’s water.

Study: Gay, Bisexual Teens More Likely To Engage In Risky Behavior

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens are more likely to engage in risky sex, substance abuse, and violence, finds a new Centers for Disease Control study. They are less likely to wear seat belts or eat breakfast, and more likely to attempt suicide.

Why Congress Won’t Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, takes money for baby body parts, but stopping this atrocity, let alone taxpayer funding for it, will take more than the proposals at hand.

Feds Blackmail Virginia’s Largest School District Into Transgender Policy

A case in Virginia demonstrates how far the Obama administration will go to force its sexual ideology—regardless of self-governance, local control, and childish innocence

Ditch The Permanent ‘Doc Fix’ For Real Entitlement Reform

A new law eliminating Medicare’s annual ‘doc fix’ makes tiny cuts at the expense of ignoring the calamity Medicare means for America’s finances.