Douglas Williams
Douglas Williams

W. Douglas Williams is the founder of Dominion PR and Marketing and He is a conservative political messaging and marketing specialist who works for causes and campaigns ranging from city council to congressional races.

Douglas’s work has aired on ESPN, Oprah, CBN, CNN, and scores of other networks. He focuses on non-profits, including the United Way, school districts, and scores of houses of worship. He holds a master’s of marketing management from New England College, and his crowning achievement is his relationship with his wife and two sons. Follow him on Twitter @wdouglaswms.

Freedom Isn’t What You Think It Is

Freedom at its core is the ability to do what I ought, not simply what I want.

The Truth About North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill

Today is the deadline for North Carolina to change its law requiring people to use private facilities according to their birth sex, or face billions in pulled funds from the Obama administration.