Dennis Saffran
Dennis Saffran
Dennis Saffran

Dennis Saffran is a lawyer, Republican activist, and political and policy writer based in Queens, New York. His work has appeared frequently in City Journal and in other publications, including National Review Online.

Security For Trump In NYC Is Making It Harder For Honest New Yorkers To Make A Living

The gridlock nightmare of having a president-elect who lives and works in the heart of midtown Manhattan is real.

John Kasich Is The Liberal Media’s Darling

Governor Kasich gained favor among Republicans after the first debate, but his record on gay marriage should give conservatives some serious pause.

Indiana Is Now The Most Hostile State To Religious Freedom

Indiana’s ‘fix’ to its religious-freedom law increases burdens on conscience rights its original religious-freedom law was designed to protect.

Here’s How To Tackle Garden-Variety Political Correctness

When people engage in liberal microaggression, resist. Political correctness deserves a regular challenge.

The Orwellian Campaign To Project Anti-Vaccination Onto Republicans

The anti-vaccination movement is largely a phenomenon of the affluent crunchy granola Left. So why did the Right get tarred and feathered with it?

Scare A Liberal: Shovel Your Own Snowy Sidewalk

Some men live in irrational terror that they’ll keel over clutching their chests the moment they touch a snow shovel.

Three Liberal Arguments For Islamophobia That Don’t Hold Up

Three left-wing columnists have responded to conservative claims that Islamophobia is a myth with factual, tactical, and emotional appeals. None is convincing.