Daniel Buck
Daniel Buck

Daniel Buck is a teacher in Wisconsin with a master’s in education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also the columnist editor for Lone Conservative, an organization dedicated to mentoring and publishing the next generation of conservative advocates.

Teachers Unions Must Never Be Allowed To Ban Kids From An Education Again

As an adult who teaches, I got to choose an open school. Union politics have now barred millions of families from a similar privilege.

Politicians In Both Parties Need To Stop Laughing Away The U.S. Constitution

The founders created the Constitution to protect against one of humanity’s worst instincts — the desire to get things done quickly and irrationally.

Teacher: If Teachers Won’t Work, We Shouldn’t Be Paid

If schools don’t open their doors and refuse online learning, it would be not only silly but outright unjust to send checks to shuttered doors over struggling families.

To Prevent Another George Floyd Tragedy, We Must Fix Police Unions

While we entrust police to uphold law, justice, and safety, corrupt police unions have protected bad cops for too long. We need to reform police unions now.

Bernie Sanders’ Stance Against School Choice Only Hurts Minority Kids

Sanders is proposing that we ban charter schools, but what he doesn’t realize is that minorities and poor students will be hardest hit.

The Me Too Era Is Time To Revisit ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’s’ Defense Of Due Process

To be sure, men guilty of rape deserve the harshest of punishments, but to believe all women puts black men at enormous risk for false imprisonment.