David Masciotra
David Masciotra

David Masciotra is an author, lecturer, and cultural critic. He is the author of All That We Learned About Living: The Art and Legacy of John Mellencamp, forthcoming from the University Press of Kentucky, and Against Traffic: Essays on Politics and Identity (Brown Dog Books, 2013).

The Pathetic Provincialism of American Feminists

American culture is most egalitarian in the exact locations and institutions where feminists are angriest about their exclusion and mistreatment.

Inside the Music: ‘Live From Daryl’s House’

Daryl Hall’s show revives and refreshes music traditions, avoiding the pop idol and the autotune.

Shelby Steele On Race And The Exhilaration And Terror Of Freedom

“What everybody at that time missed… is that freedom is the most terrifying thing in the world, because what freedom says is, ‘It’s all on you now.’”

Why Was Sterling’s Public Racism Ignored And Private Bigotry Punished?

Behavior matters more than speech. So why is everything within American culture shifting people toward the opposite moral conclusion?

Street Gangs, Poverty And The Left

The best way to measure the sincerity of the left’s mission to save the black poor is to examine how often they deal with inner city problems.

War Stories: An Interview With David Mamet

At 65, David Mamet seems most concerned with the schizophrenic, funny feast of contradictions that is the United States of America.

Diversity And The Free Market

Intellectual diversity opens minds and behavioral diversity presents alternative options for lifestyle comfort and happiness.

Understanding Liberal Schizophrenia About The Free Market

Pathologizing the purchasing power and decisions of ordinary people exposes a hatred of individuality at the core of liberal philosophy.