David Hines
David Hines

David Hines is a specialist in forensic science and international human rights, with an extensive background working in conflict zones. He tweets at @hradzka.

Why Conservatives Need To Stop Sending So Many Pundits To College Campuses

Treating righty students as if their purpose is to provide a cushy lifestyle for righty pundits funded out of donors’ pockets or college activity fees doesn’t help them make a difference.

The Right Doesn’t Need More Courage, We Need Better Training And Bigger Sticks

No magical elves are going to build your community for you. If people are afraid, don’t tell them that they’re cowards. Teach them how to stand up.

If Mass Shootings To Provoke Political Panic Catch On, We’re In Serious Trouble

Most mass murderers aren’t ideologues. But a broadening acceptance of the murderous form of accelerationism could change that.

If Conservative Alumni Were Smart, Here’s How They’d Punish Campus Hooliganism

Why hasn’t every campus conservative group in the country made it clear to their administration that, if they try shutting down conservative speech, alumni donations from conservatives will evaporate?

Why Does Lin-Manuel Miranda Enthusiastically Support A Domestic Terrorist?

There’s an answer to the question ‘Who do you have to kill to get a ticket to ‘Hamilton?’’ — it’s ‘Harold Sherburne, Frank Connor, James Gezork, Alejandro Berger, and Charles Steinberg.’

Here’s The Playbook Organizers Are Using As They Scheme To Take Down The NRA

Organizing isn’t magic. The political campaign against the NRA is the result of a massive amount of hard work and planning.

Why Did It Take Two Weeks To Discover Parkland Students’ Astroturfing?

The response was professionalized. That’s not surprising, because this is what organization that gets results actually looks like. It’s not a bunch of magical kids in somebody’s living room.