David Patten
David Patten
David Patten

David A. Patten is an Iraq War veteran and currently employed as a defense contractor in Northern Virginia. He holds a PhD in philosophy from Stony Brook University and a master’s degree in security studies from Georgetown University. Follow him on Twitter @davidapatten.

Marco Rubio Is Not a Trumpkin

It’s fantasy to say Marco Rubio and all those who’ve opted for #NeverHillary rather than #NeverTrump will be banished from the party after the GOP wakes from its Trump nightmare.

Donald Trump Is Not A Proxy For Vladimir Putin

Leftist commentators say failing to respond to Donald Trump constantly shows Republican presidential candidates will be soft on international baddies like Vladimir Putin. That’s nonsense.

Time For A New Strategy To Defeat The Islamic State

The Islamic State has deepened its roots in Iraq and Syria since the U.S. bombing campaign began.

How To Restrain The Supreme Court

Ted Cruz and even Kim Davis have a point when they say the Supreme Court as an institution needs to be challenged.

Presidential Candidates Should Support The Iraq Invasion

We have every reason to believe the past 12 years would have been significantly worse with Saddam Hussein still in control of Iraq.

Why Conservatives Dislike What Passes For The Liberal Arts

What universities sell as the liberal arts, an education fit for a free people, instead limits young people’s thinking.