Dave Seminara
Dave Seminara

Dave Seminara is a journalist and former diplomat.

The Media Needs To Stop Hiding The Truth About Illegal Immigrant Crime

Truth and accurate reporting are causalities of the media’s narrative spinning all illegal immigrants as angels. To honor the victims of their crimes, the media must start being honest.

I’ve Had It With Reporters Trying To Stamp Political Heresy Out Of Tennis

Particularly since the toxic 2016 election, Americans can no longer remain blissfully unaware of how our athletic heroes feel about politics.

Yes, Tennis Earnings At The Majors Are Biased. Against The Men

Feminists can pretend that Serena Williams is the world’s best tennis player, but John McEnroe may have been charitable in estimating Williams’s ranking at 700.

5 Sensible, Low-Cost Ways To Reform Our Broken Immigration System

Even if we can’t build a consensus on the wall and deportation policy, there are steps we can take to right the ship that cost little, if anything, to implement.