Daniel Pomerantz
Daniel Pomerantz

Daniel Pomerantz is an attorney and the executive director for HonestReporting.com, a media monitoring NGO based in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Twitter: @danielspeaksup.

How Trump’s Palestinian Proposal Could Reshape The Middle East’s Future

This proposal could be a means to give ordinary Palestinian people a window into what is possible and maybe even to set up an internal push toward change in Palestinian leadership.

Airbnb Singles Out Jews In Racially Targeted Ban On West Bank Rentals

Nonetheless, Americans should not tolerate double standards, discrimination or blatant racism against any group of people.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Trump’s Decision To Cut Subsidies To Palestine

The Palestinian government could choose to take care of its own people and has the money to do it, but instead chooses to fund terror.

Your No-Hype Guide To The U.S. Embassy’s Move To Jerusalem

Lost in the media hoopla over the move is a solid discussion of the law and history shaping this historic moment.