Daniel Oliver
Daniel Oliver
Daniel Oliver is chairman of the board of Education and Research Institute and senior director of White House Writers Group in Washington DC. In addition to serving as chairman of the Federal Trade Commission under President Ronald Reagan, he was executive editor and subsequently chairman of the board of National Review. Email Daniel Oliver at [email protected]
Merry Christmas, Bill Burke

St. Sebastian’s mission is probably radically different from that of every public school in the country, as well as most private schools.

Of Course Your Son’s Swank Boarding School Is Gender Diverse

You’ve got a winner of a school for your son. There hasn’t been a sexual molestation scandal there for several years, making it a good time to dissolve the gender binary.

How Trump Can Use His Tax Cut To Drain The Federal Research Swamp

If Trump wants to reduce the corporate income tax, he should cut at least some of the $147 billion the government spends on research grants.

Trump Needs To Fire Regulatory Agencies, Stat

President Trump must manage several crises if he is to make America great again. One of the most important: taming so-called independent regulatory agencies.

For Conservatives, Donald Trump Shifts The Window Of What’s Possible

He may not be a conservative, but he is a maverick—and he’s not afraid to destroy the New Deal’s progressive, regulatory legacy.

We Should Pin The Stalin Mustache On Hillary, Not Trump

The soft socialism of Hillary Clinton tends to grow up into the rabid Cold War socialism of Russia and Eastern Europe, and China.

An Unhappy Conservative’s High-Card Case For Donald Trump

We need to behave like adults and ask ourselves which of the two — and only two — candidates on offer would we rather have as president.

Bathroom Bills Stall Amid Shower Of Criticism

The trans bathroom bills are flooding us because we’ve destroyed the truth that people should be free to choose with whom to associate.

What You Need To Know About Drew Barrymore’s Divorce

Drew Barrymore may have the money to dissolve her family repeatedly. The rest of society does not.

The Media’s Crocodile Fears Over Donald Trump’s Authoritarianism

The left-wing media’s attack on Donald Trump is also an attack on anyone who doesn’t hew the progressive line.

Harvard Law Chases The Seal Of Good Identity Politics

What was really going on at Harvard was not about the seal or even about money. The whole seal business was really about identity politics.

Why We Can Be Optimistic About America Despite Scalia And Trump

We must be of good cheer. We are not yet old and fragile. Constitutional governance is, Justice Scalia himself said, ‘worth fighting for, win or lose.’

Donald Trump And Venereal Disease

A man who gives you an opportunity to rethink bad ideas isn’t necessarily a good candidate for president.

How Trump Could Restore Constitutional Government

Republicans should be brave and see a Donald Trump nomination as an opportunity, not a disaster; as a crisis that should be managed, not wasted.

Stan Evans: Everyman’s Bill Buckley

What do you get when you cross Bill Buckley and Stan Evans? The conservative movement.

How The Washington Post Should Report The Episcopal Church Scandal

Will The Washington Post investigate how a woman with a drinking problem and a steady male companion got to be an Episcopal bishop?

Forget College For Everyone: Forgive Student Loans And End Further Subsidies

It’s time for Republicans to channel their inner Jafar and get sneaky about Democrat attempts to buy votes through never-ending college subsidies.

Shorter John Kerry: ‘Some Of My Best Friends Are Jews’

Secretary of State John Kerry decides he must pander to transsexuals. All two of them at the State Department.

D-Day 2014, A Remembrance

You might think that, today, the battle that changed the course of Western Civilization would have a bit more resonance.

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Student Debt Has Got to Go!

This is the moment Republicans have been waiting for. They have a historic opportunity to free the current indentured former students from their debts .