Daniel DePetris
Why The United States Should Improve Our Relationship With Russia In 2020

With Russia’s more than 6,000 nuclear warheads, a permanent veto at the U.N. Security Council, and a president keen on making Russia a great power, Washington shouldn’t sideline Moscow.

3 Major Reforms NATO Needs To Keep From Collapsing

NATO is doing a relatively poor job, buttressed by a static decision-making process, a bureaucracy resistant to change, and unaccountable member states who are happy to cheap-ride and get away with it.

Don’t Believe These Tired Myths About Ending The 18-Year War In Afghanistan

After 18 years, thousands of casualties, and a price tag that could be as high as $1 trillion, the United States has done all it can in Afghanistan. Instead of finding excuses to stay, it’s time to come home.

The Trump Administration Needs To Cool It With Iran Before We Start A War

If Washington isn’t careful, we could be a single miscalculation away from a war that would be wholly unjustified and unnecessary to U.S. security.

ISIS’s Caliphate Is History. It’s Arab Leaders’ Job To Keep It That Way

Rather than preserving an indefinite presence that lets the region’s leaders off the hook at the expense of other priorities, the United States must bring our troops home.

Deterrence Will Keep America Safe When ‘No Nukes’ Demands Fail To Move North Korea

By obsessing over an unrealistic, up-front denuclearization deal with North Korea, the president and his advisers are turning down a dead end road.

Congress Should Have Reclaimed Its Power Over National Emergencies Instead Of Signaling Against Trump

Too bad our elected officials in Congress lacked the courage to stick their necks out for this much-needed check on executive power.

Why 400 Troops In Syria Is Too Many To Leave Behind

Were U.S. forces not already deployed to Syria, no sane person would recommend sending in 400 U.S. troops into a complex, dangerous civil war with multiple armed actors on the ground.

Protecting Americans Simply Doesn’t Require U.S. Troops In Syria

U.S. troops will reportedly leave eastern Syria by April, causing heart palpitations among the usual suspects who have never seen a U.S. intervention they wanted to end.

No Amount Of U.S. Intervention Is Going To Save Afghanistan Now Or Ever

These failed pundits’ efforts are meant to shame President Trump into reversing his instinct to pull the United States out of Afghanistan.

No, Forever War In Syria Won’t Protect The United States

If the U.S. experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria should have told our foreign policy elites anything, it is that Washington can’t resolve distant political problems.

4 Foreign Policy Establishment Myths About Leaving Syria, Debunked

Trump’s decision nips further mission creep in the bud and refocuses the national security bureaucracy on the right priorities.

Why Renewing Dialogue With Russia Will Strengthen U.S. National Security

Sen. Rand Paul has the right idea about entertaining diplomatic talks with Russian officials. His colleagues should take note.

Congress Needs To Take Back Its War Powers From The President

Following 9/11, Congress allowed the president to use troops to combat terrorism. They couldn’t have imagined the consequences.

Has Donald Trump Already Abandoned His ‘America First’ Foreign Policy?

The Trump administration is a lot closer to conventional foreign policy orthodoxy than many of his political enemies thought or his supporters desired.

What National Interest Does Bombing Syria Serve?

Serious observers of world affairs are having a very difficult time explaining what strategic effects the missile attack on a Syrian military airport had.