Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch is a nationally syndicated talk radio host of “The Dana Show” with Radio America and a best-selling author.

How CNN Set Me Up For The Near-Riot Parkland Town Hall

CNN treated the town hall as if it were a professional wrestling match. I was once a CNN contributor, and I think highly of many people there, but I had a feeling I was being ambushed.

Pete Buttigieg Keeps Lecturing Christians About Sin While Ignoring His Own

Pete Buttigieg believes everyone else’s sin is up for discussion — except his own. If his ‘positions are informed by his faith,’ as he so often says, you wouldn’t know it.

Why Red Flag Laws Are Not A Good Solution To Mass Shootings

Do you feel comfortable giving up a cornerstone of our republic for a safety dependent upon enforcement by a government that has failed at this before?