Cullen Herout
Cullen Herout

Cullen Herout is a pro-life writer, radio host, and speaker. He has a passion for writing and speaking about building a culture of life. Cullen is a licensed mental health practitioner and has worked for almost six years with the post-abortion ministry Rachel’s Vineyard. He hosts Ready to Stand: Pro-Life Radio, which can be heard here. Follow him on Facebook here or contact him here.

For Every Woman’s Abortion Story, A Baby Has One, Too

A pro-abortion campaign demands Americans consider abortion in terms of ‘what women go through,’ rather than in terms of ‘rights on paper.’ This is deceptive.

50 Years Have Proved The Catholic Church Right On The Dangers Of Contraception

Marital infidelity is high, and premarital sex is the norm. Forced sterilization is a reality, and abortion rates have skyrocketed.

Why Mississippi’s New Abortion Law Represents A Step Forward For Equal Rights

Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act acknowledges that all unborn children who have reached 15 weeks gestation, regardless of how they were conceived, have equal rights.

Abortion Proponents Shovel Fake News About Pregnancy Centers In Advance Of Supreme Court Arguments

NARAL attempts to undermine crisis pregnancy centers by identifying ‘deceptive practices’ they use to lie to and mistreat women. Yet NARAL offers no citations or evidence.

‘Trust Women’ Is A Totally Inadequate Response To The Abortion Question

The pro-choice mantra doesn’t address the status of the unborn child, a human being whose life hangs in the balance in every abortion decision.

What This Year’s March For Life Tells Us About The Pro-Life Movement

The event is the largest annual human rights demonstration in the history of the world, and brings in pro-life marchers from across the United States.

No, NYT, Pro-Life Websites Are Not Fake News

From the outset to the conclusion, the author does very little to successfully explain why any of the articles, examples, or pro-life news sites that she identifies actually qualify as fake news.

Pro-Lifers Don’t Oppose Abortion Because It Causes Labor Shortages, But Because It’s A Human Rights Atrocity

Instead of explaining why the state has a compelling reason to protect innocent human life, Wisconsin Rep. Scott Allen chose to speak about potential benefits to the economy.

Why You’ve Never Really Seen Hollywood Portray An Abortion Scene

Would any of us claim that we had seen an honest portrayal of a triple bypass if we saw nothing more than a man’s face on an operating table?

Oregon Bill Forcing Taxpayers To Sponsor Abortion Is A Human Rights Violation

Demanding that taxpayers participate in a human rights violation is itself a human rights violation, and should be rejected as such.

Dear ‘Abortion Doula’: Listening To Post-Abortive Women Can Never Justify Abortion

While women who’ve had abortions certainly deserve the opportunity to share their stories and experiences, the focal point of the abortion discussion is the unborn child being killed.

Doctors Alleging Donald Trump’s Mental Instability Are Breaking Professional Ethics

These health professionals pretend the world is eerily silent on Donald Trump’s fluctuating moods, and that it is up to them to reveal the truth.

Left Wants To Make Abortion An Economic Issue To Sideline Its Atrocities

The Left wants to convince us that abortion is about economic progressivism. But that’s a distraction—abortion is really about human rights.

March For Science Organizers Are Accidentally Advocating For The Unborn

Their website says ‘science serves the interests of all humans, not just those in power.’ Pro-life advocates couldn’t agree more.

What Happens When People Share Their Abortion Stories

The ability to tell one’s story is an indispensable part of emotional health. That includes men and women who have suffered from abortion, who shouldn’t be silenced.