Connor Mighell
Connor Mighell

Connor Mighell is a third-year law student at The University of Alabama School of Law with an undergraduate degree in political philosophy from Baylor University. He is a staff writer at SBNation, and his work has been featured at The New Americana, Merion West, and The Dallas Morning News. He may be found on Twitter at @cmigbear.

Why We Can And Should Legislate Morality

‘You can’t legislate morality’ actually means ‘You shouldn’t make laws based on your morality, but on mine instead.’

The ‘Alt-Right’ Aren’t On The Right, They’re Just Racists

Identity politics of any stripe is not conservatism. Both fascists and communists oppose the core principles of the political right.

It’s Time To Repeal The 17th Amendment And End Direct Election Of Senators

Out of manufactured hysteria over nonexistent corruption, the Seventeenth Amendment was born, robbing states of their most notable constitutional check on federal lawmaking.

Maybe Everyone Overhyped Georgia’s Sixth District Election

A Republican won a reliably Republican district in reliably red Georgia. Whoop-di-doo.