Clarke D. Forsythe
Clarke D. Forsythe
Clarke Forsythe

Clarke Forsythe is acting president and senior counsel at Americans United for Life Action (AULA), and author of “Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade” (Encounter Books 2013).

Blame The Supreme Court, Not Mike Pence, For Women Stuffing Babies Into Dumpsters

Mike Pence didn’t create the under-regulated abortion market that allows someone to order abortion drugs over the Internet and take them late in pregnancy. The Supreme Court did.

4 Ways State Lawmakers Can Keep Fighting Abortion

Hellerstedt doesn’t mean lawmakers need to ignore the medical reality of abortion’s risks and substandard clinics.

A Five-Month Abortion Limit Would Protect Women’s Health

Women’s health risks for death, breast cancer, hemorrhage, and other maladies as a consequence of abortion increases at 20 weeks pregnant and following.