Christine Goss
Christine Goss

Christine A. Goss is founder and president of Pixton Public Relations.

America Under Democrats: Forcing Americans To Pay For Abortion And Banning Chick-Fil-A

It’s very concerning that so many U.S. lawmakers and elected officials are now ignorant, or maybe just dismissive, of the constitutional rights of those they govern.

The Green New Deal’s Job Guarantee Rests On The Lie That People Can Escape Risk

This idea reflects a complete ignorance of the fact that wealth is created, not something that exists in stagnant perpetuity, and that jobs exist to generate that wealth.

Scoring College Majors’ Earnings Gives Students The Wrong Idea About Who’s Responsible For Their Success

The U.S. Department of Education is expected to announce a plan to require all U.S. higher education institutions to make data on debt and earnings by major publicly available.

How Making People Comfortable Makes Them Less Likely To Succeed

Society has been trending towards reducing stress for the next generation, which will only lead to a generation that retreats when faced with discomfort rather than rise to the challenge.

Millennials Aren’t Horrible People For Not Buying Houses And Liking Avocado Toast

At the root of criticism of the millennials’ spending decisions is a value judgement and a narrow view of the America Dream.

Why Genuine Liberal Arts Degrees Are A Perfect Fit For Today’s Uncertain Economy

In today’s dynamic, creative economy, a liberal arts education empowers students with the tools to be resourceful, practical, and adaptable in addressing challenges in many professions.