Cathy Young
Cathy Young
Cathy Young

Cathy Young is a contributing editor for Reason magazine and a columnist for Newsday.

Yes, We Should Target Anti-Semitism In Both Parties Simultaneously

The anti-Semitism of the alt-right and the new left are both morally repugnant and both potentially dangerous.

Why Electing Donald Trump Could Make Political Correctness Worse

We could see further polarization and entrenchment from both an increasingly militant cultural left versus an increasingly nasty and brutish Trumpian right.

Neither Side’s Overreactions To Islam Are Helping Us

‘Islam is the problem’ and ‘Islam is not the problem’ are equally true and equally false statements—and equally unhelpful for addressing the issues.

You Can’t Whitewash The Alt-Right’s Bigotry

The alt-right movement counters the toxic culture of the left with a toxic brew of its own: a mix of old bigotries and new identity and victimhood politics adapted for the straight white male.

The Latest Campus Assault Survey Shows How Meaningless They All Are

Students are confused about what sexual encounters are permissible, and what constitutes assault, and the numbers reflect that.