Brian Lee
Brian Lee

Brian Lee is the pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Washington DC.

9 Reasons Christians Don’t Need To Vote For The Lesser Evil

Here are a few theological reflections on Christian duty at the ballot box, and why we need not vote for the lesser of evils.

‘Are You A Christian?’ A Meditation On Martyrdom

Are you a martyr if you die at the hands of a homicidal madman at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon? Of course.

12 Reasons To Celebrate Good Friday

Consider the value of Good Friday from the perspective of a liturgical calendar minimalist

Houston To Pastors: Turn Over Your Sermons

Soon after Houston passed a ‘non-discrimination’ ordinance, it has ordered dissenting pastors to submit their sermons for legal review. So, what?

Pope Francis, TMZ, And Sainthood

The only thing worse than celebrity culture is celebrity culture in the church.

For World Vision, Is Sexuality More Important Than Theology?

The World Vision debacle is a perfect illustration of the deep confusion at very heart of the evangelical parachurch.

Repent of Lent: 
How Spiritual Disciplines Can Be Bad for Your Soul

This tradition — the spiritual discipline of fasting and abstinence is Lent — is more often than not detrimental to our faith.

Keeping Christmas in Christianity: 
A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

The trick is to cut through all the sentimental crap and grasp this holiday’s essential value for deepening Christians’ faith.